Nic's Story

NMT has been an ever evolving journey. One of high emotion, hard work, dedication and bravery. This is the story of my deep seeded routes and unwavering love and passion for fitness.


The beginning:

As an athlete all through my adolescence, I found my passion and heart always seemed to be different from others around me. I loved healthy competition with every inch of my being. I felt alive when I was playing sports. Soccer was my sport in the early years. Dreams of being a professional soccer player plagued my dreams. I was a natural and loved every minute. Goals were consistently scored every game. Naturally I transitioned into competitive soccer. I realized something had changed. The fun was a little less priority. I began comparing myself to other players. Puberty then hit me. It hit me very hard. While other kids grew faster, I went from being an innocent all star player to feeling like my body was letting me down. I had Seaver’s diseases and jumpers knee. Both are growth related issues. I was in a predicament, having natural talent but a body that was in pain.

This is the first time I felt helpless. All I wanted in the world was to be myself and compete the ways I knew I could. My coaches we’re inept in helping me. They made me feel lazy or broken, when in fact I was doing everything I could. People started acting different towards me and play time dropped in this highly competitive environment. That is crushing to a young boy. It feels like the end of the world. I felt isolated and alone. I dealt with this all the way to high school. This is where I discovered the gym for the first time.

Game changer! My first workout and I was hooked. I had found my way out of the helplessness. I found an avenue to fight and overcome! It was beautiful! I thought to myself, now I can work hard and one day I’ll get to just be myself void of judgement and then watch out world, Nic is coming for you. The Gym and Fitness was imprinted on my soul.


Fitness Beginnings:

At 18 I’m all into the world of training at this point. Learning everything I could. Absorbing like a sponge. All through high school until I reached college. In college, I had no real idea of what I wanted to pursue in academics. My one constant was the Gym. So, I decide to become a Personal Trainer as a side Job while in school. I Loved learning the material. It elevated my training and I was able to now help others. Things are going great, until I hit my next internal problem.


I found other people did not share the same passion and love I did. From other trainers to gym goers. No one seemed to view fitness the same as I did. Fitness was sacred to me. People around me were tainting it. Working in the gyms as a trainer is the most toxic poisonous environment I’ve ever encountered in my life. I wish I had been educated on this in pursuits before hand. Every gym I trained out of seemed broken or wrong. People had ulterior motives, they were all insecure, or egotistical. Driven by self. I was driven by helping and empowering. I wanted others to experience the freedom I had earned.


After spending so much time in these toxic gyms, I decided to create NMF. A safe haven for anyone that has felt like the stereotypical gym experience is unnatural and wrong. We've been going strong since 2013 and we're only getting bigger!